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I get an inspiration for a painting and feel determined to get right to work bringing it into being, beginning with a primed canvas and warm color wash. I make an initial quick, loose sketch with a watercolor brush, using a mixture of cobalt blue and brown sienna. The color is a dark grey. I use a limited pallet of the primary colors, white, brown sienna, and viridian green. With an adjusted composition figured out, I begin laying in the darks, work to the medium ground and indicate where lights will be applied at final stages. I approach the painting as a whole, and frequently step back from the canvas. I work quickly and in rare cases these beginnings are so expressive and complete I must stop there. Usually I move on to the creative effort of carefully defining some edges while leaving others to fade between gestures of light and dark. In a slowing effort between precise drawing, color mixing, composition adjusting, and critical assessing of every brush stroke, I’m engaged in a challenging endeavor in the zone of timeless creativity.

Most of my many years have been devoted to landscape painting, though just recently I’ve allowed the human presence to take place in my scenes. This seems to be my response to a spiritual inspiration to express dynamic emotion and movement in relationship to an elemental world. This elemental world is ancient and iconic and the forces of nature are guide posts.